Voices from the Middle Podcast: Vol. 26, Episode 1: Aisha Saeed

In this episode, author Aisha Saeed sat down with our teacher panelists Gretchen Taylor, Julie Inwright, and Amy Fleming to talk about her new book, Amal Unbound, which has the great distinction of being chosen for the 2018 Upper Elementary/Middle Grade Global Read Aloud. Also, we get to know our teacher panelists a little better by playing Bring Your Own Book.

Book List
Amal Unbound-Aisha Saeed
Mark of the Dragonfly-Jaleigh Johnson
Patina-Jason Reynolds
Ghost-Jason Reynolds
Matched-Ally Condie
Other Words for Home-Jasmine Warga
The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James-Ashley Herring Blake
The Thing about Jellyfish-Ali Benjamin